On Demand

Break Fix

The Hourly Package allows you to require Remote and On Site interventions whenever you need, until the depletion of the hours.
From 35 €/h

All Inclusive

Monthly Contract

All included in a single contract.
You can request unlimited remote / telephonic support! Annual Fixed Assistance Cost.
From 15 € PC/month

Planned Activities


Part Time

You can schedule the activities of maintenance and management of network, computers and servers: it’s like emploing a part-time resource.

Mix su Misura

Ad Hoc Contract

On Demand and Scheduled Activities in a single contract. Organize IT interventions, keeping the benefit of requiring On Site / Remote Assistance out of necessity.

International Support

Local IT Office

Complete management of Italian offices of multinational based in another country.We completely manage IT support activities for the Italian offices of the multinational. We receive directives from the parent.

Local IT Support

We provide support to IT staff or managers of the Italian office of a multinational company headquartered in another country. We can support the IT department in ordinary and extraordinary activities.


What Our Customers think about us

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IT Support has always been our trusted IT partner

We began to use IT Support for the management and maintenance of our IT infrastructure when it was completely autonomous and independent. Now we are part of a multinational structure and IT Support is still working for us, in a more constrained context, with specific policies and guidelines that needs to be followed and implemented. I always appreciated their competence and their ability to deal with issues in a straightforward and risk-free way.

Loris Rinaldo
Arcadis Italia Srl
IT Support means Development, Innovation and Technology

For companies like ours that aren’t big enough to allow complete autonomy in the management of IT resources, IT Support is crucial to bring technology, development, innovation and at the same time security and peace of mind. […] With all the team, at which we recognize a great competence and ability to manage projects and issues, we developed a friendly and direct relationship, which still allows us to work safely. […] IT Support has always satisfied us and made us look at the future with peace of mind.

Gian Marco Cerri
Vetreria di Borgonovo Spa
IT Support is always able to find the most suitable solutions for us

A company like ours requires a presence always careful to the needs both of the end user and of the IT infrastructure. For this reason, we choose IT Support that is always willing to accommodate our needs and to solve technical issues, working in team with our IT staff abroad. This collaboration make us work in the best possible way, following the guidelines of the company.

Caterina Tuscano
AXA Investment Managers Italia SIM Spa
IT Support is the answer for our needs

We are a services company working with other businesses and the efficiency of IT tools is essential to respond quickly and at our best to the demands of our customers. Since some years, we are working with IT Support and it is a great partner, fast and competent, who always does its best to ensure the best service for the customer, besides aiming for improvements. I want to thank all the staff, especially Alessandro and Daniele for their efforts and patience and Chiara for her kindness.

Simona Gasparini
Prodest Milano
With IT Support I lowered IT costs and improved the quality of the service

I personally called IT Support three years ago for an operation in a small company (based outside Italy) that needed an IT infrastructure. I had another confirmation that it’s an effective partner: they applied promptly the policy of the parent company to the new infrastructure. I got a great price compared with the competitors, improving the quality. Who could ask for more?

Massimiliano Khemara
Inventiv Health Communications Srl
Reliability and competence: these qualities make IT Support different

We are pleased with the work of IT Support: they managed to stand out for their reliability and competence, deploying quick solutions in order to solve even complex problems.

Paolo Cheri
A great partner for us since many years

IT Support is a business made by capable, competent and reliable people, always caring about our needs. They offer efficient and customized solutions to solve our problems.

Claudio Pezzano
Hachette Fascicoli Srl
We appreciate the response time and availability of IT Support.

Our relationship with IT Support is longer than 10 years. They managed to confirm their flexibility working with a small company like us. The support provided over these years and the innovation they always brought, allowed us to introduce new computer systems to deliver high quality services. The response time is a plus that complements the efficiency of their organization.

Carlo Zerbino
AIPO Ricerche Srl
Fast, effective, professional and responsible

Fast, effective, professional and responsible: these words describe the staff of IT Support. They were always present all the times we needed their support, offering dedicated solutions.

Rumy Lee
Innocean Worldwide Italy Srl
IT Support is a modern, alternative, flexible and young reality

Since 2007 we have a partnership for the management of our infrastructure with IT Support. Right away, I found their competence in managing the entrusted projects, working with patience and courtesy, with a particular attention to the details. IT Support is a company made by professionals, able to provide high quality solutions at 360°. It’s a well-structured reality with an alternative, young, flexible approach. Congratulations to Roberto, Massimo, Claudio, Alessandro…

Alessandro Bottalico
Kennametal Italia Spa
IT Support provides rational and cost-efficient solutions

Our relationship with IT Support began a few years ago with a much-needed operation in discontinuity with the previous management and many associated risks. The IT Support team was able to handle the transition smoothly, and since then, they assist us with intelligence, offering rational and cost-efficient solutions, which allow us to keep the infrastructure up to date, in a market context that is quickly evolving.

Paolo Migliavacca
Vita Società Editoriale Spa
With IT Support we finally saw the sunlight!

I want to congratulate with all the team of IT Support for the dedication and competence they put in assisting us every day. Before we met them, we were in the true "IT Hell": we were in the hands of improvised technician that never had time to solve our problems and were not able to operate on Mac OS X. With IT Support we finally saw the sunlight! Thanks to all, especially to Daniele Trazzi..

Davide Greco
Accento Srl
Complete satisfaction since we started working with IT Support

We turned to IT Support to solve small but at the same time "big" IT problems. In a small reality like ours, we need always to have efficient systems, ready to serve the market needs. We got complete satisfaction since we started working with them: maximum reliability and a rapid response to every issue.

Paolo Montanari
Crossfid Spa
Thanks to the software proposed by IT Support, we have excellent results at very competitive rates

Assocarta works with IT Support since many years: their services meet our needs in an efficient and timely manner. Based on our requirements, the software proposed by IT Support helped us to achieve excellent results at very competitive rates. We thank all the staff for the availability and courtesy demonstrated.

Massimo Ramunni

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